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military issues. He called on the U??.S. side to adjust its view of China, security views and world view??. "We hope the U.S. side will bear in mind the big picture, correct?? its mistakes and work with thr

e Chinese side toward the same goal t??o achieve non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-w??in cooperation," Wu stressed.The International Army Games 2018 began on Sunday with four contests in the Xinjiang Uygur a??utonomous region and Fujian province. Seventeen teams comprising 358 soldiers from 11 c9

oun??tries are participating in the contests, which will conclude on Aug 11. Some other countrie??s sent observers to the events. Three of the contests??the Suvorov Attack race and shootin??g competition by infantry fighting vehicles; the Clear Sky test for air3

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